Throughout the world, primarily in countries oppressed by bureaucratic capitalism, the economic and political crisis is fuelling the tendency for world proletarian revolution. The driving force of this crisis is the terminal phase of imperialism.

The imperialist system today can no longer count on any prospect of development and can no longer put in place a superpower or an array of imperialist powers capable of truly winning the inter-imperialist war for world hegemony and to stabilize the situation subsequently, at least for a certain stage.

All this, regarding Brazil, is further highlighted by the events relating to the initiative of the movement led by Bolsonaro now ongoing for months, particularly accentuated in recent weeks, to determine the favourable conditions for a military coup.

The struggle between the various factions of the ruling class, all in one way or another linked to the imperialist system, is intensified by creating more favourable conditions for the initiation of the Marxists-Leninists-Maoists and for the beginning and development of a New Democracy revolution.

Today the revisionists and the opportunists of right and “left” (primarily the Trotskyites) in various countries of the world support the measures desired by Lula against the movement of Bolsonaro and hope that Lula will promote an anti-imperialist mass movement. In any case they support a line that calls for a common struggle against Bolsonaro. The basic idea of all these positions is that today it is necessary to side with Lula against Bolsonaro or, at least, support the first against the second. This approach conceals that the struggle between the supporters of Bolsonaro and those of Lula is not a struggle for democracy, for progress, for the liberation of the Brazilian people from fascism, from bureaucratic capitalism and imperialism, but a struggle between two factions of bureaucratic capitalism for hegemony over the popular masses, in the interests of bureaucratic capitalism and imperialism.

To affirm today that in Brazil a mass movement characterized by a front of reactionary and opportunist parties and organizations can stop the advancing of fascism, on the one hand means to hide that fascism is inherent directly in bureaucratic capitalism and, on the other hand, to support a reformist line.

A line therefore that, at best, can only lead to a frontal opposition between a resistance movement and insurrectional mass politically heterogeneous and ideologically confused and a state apparatus well organized politically and militarily, therefore able to easily liquidate such a movement. Moreover, the experience of the various coups that have taken place in the past, in particular in the countries of Latin and Central America, shows how reformism and resistance and insurrectionist movements have contributed to heavy and painful defeats for the proletariat and the popular and peasant masses that have allowed themselves to be hegemonized by such positions.

The claim to portray as “people’s war” these reformist, moviementist and insurrectionist conceptions typical of Trotskyists is nothing more than the proposal and practice of a new form of revisionism that appears on an international scale in the guise of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

For several years now Brazilian Marxist-Leninists-Maoists, with a not indifferent mass following, have been moving with the intention of leading the popular masses, the peasants and the working class in the fight against bureaucratic capitalism, to the landlords and the comprador bourgeoisie linked to foreign imperialism, mainly American imperialism, with the intention of developing these contradictions in the framework of a people’s war against semi-feudalism, imperialism and reaction.

The question posed by the crisis of bureaucratic capitalism is that of the struggle for power, of the people’s war for the construction and affirmation of a state of New Democracy.

Within this framework, the Marxist-Leninist-Maoists of Brazil will certainly be able to use the opportunities offered each time by the accentuation of the political and state crisis, by the intensification of the struggle for hegemony between Bolsonaro and Lula, to develop this line and activity in the best possible way without falling into the traps set for the proletariat and the vanguard peasant sectors by the revisionists, the reformists and the Trotskyists of the moment.

Against the fascists of Bolsonaro and the social fascists of Lula

Against reformist and movimentist lines and illusions

Let’s support the Brazilian Maoist struggle for the New Democracy Revolution


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